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  • FIE 2018

    San Jose, CA
    October 3-6, 2018
    San Jose Marriott

    FIE 2018 - October 3-6, 2018


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Frontiers in Education Mission & Vision

Frontiers in Education (FIE)  Vision:
We  advance and re-define engineering and computing education to ensure that all students receive the best possible preparation for their future.
Frontiers in Education (FIE) Mission: 
ASEE and IEEE unite to create an inclusive venue where excellence in research, teaching, and creative activity are valued.  We bring together a multidisciplinary global community committed to improving  scholarship and practice in engineering and computing education.

FIE Values:
1) A collaborative, supportive, and inclusive community

  • • Encouraging mentorship and professional growth
  • • Promoting global discourse and collaboration
  • • Appreciating multi-disciplinary approaches 

2) Innovation, new approaches, and challenges to established practice

  • • Recognizing the contributions of other scholars 
  • • Respecting different types of contributions
  • • Valuing both qualitative and quantitative evidence 

3) High quality scholarship

  • • Improving practice  
  • • Generating new knowledge
  • • Addressing both successes and failures

4) Ethical conference conduct 

  • • Emphasizing responsible authorship, 
  • • Remaining free from bias and conflict of interest.
  • • Exhibiting respect for all