FIE 2010 Author Index

This file contains a listing of all conference authors whose last name begins with the letter T. The list is arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. Click on the title of the paper to see the paper. Click on the additional authors to see their Author Index entries.

Tah, Avranil Tan, Song Tang, Wendy Tang, Ying Tao, Lixin Tao, Yonglei Tarhini, Kassim Tatar, Nick Tate, Veronica Tear, Allan Tebbe, Patrick A. Temperini, Marco Terenzini, Patrick T. Thole, Karen A. Thomassian, Jean-Claude Thompson, Cara Thompson, Erin Thompson, G. Thompson, Leisa D. Thompson, M. Keith Thornburg, Harvey Thorpe, David Tims, Heath Titus, Craig P Toderick, Lee Todtenhoefer, R. Tonti, William R. Torick, Dave Torres-Ayala, Ana T. Toto, Roxanne Tovar, Edmundo Townsend, Jessica Townsend, Stephanie Trautvetter, Lois C. Trekles, Anastasia Trenor, Julie Martin Trevelyan, James Troy, Douglas A. Trytten, Deborah A. Tsang, Edmund Tsang, Ho-Man Tsoi, Mai Yin Tucker, Allen Turner, Galen Turner, Stephen W. Turns, Jennifer